“Sue’s Dramatic Frustrations with the Male Ego” 

When the age old question, “What are we?” Populates… Men flee. Dun dun duuuunnn!

Some women get offended by the conversation re-route. But for the free spirited woman who wants to know for her own gain. It’s quite the headache.
You see, we don’t want to know what “WE” are so we can insinuate a relationship. We are genuinely asking so that we know that we are still single. Let me take a moment to break down the science.

When a woman is casually dating or entertaining a number of prospects, her attention is divided into different sections. Each male catering to a separate need.
Example, one male allows her to be overly vocal about his “fans” (social media baes) while another cosmetically adores her. So that feeling of skepticism, is filtered because she’s getting the proper cosmetic attention she needs and interacting with the Social Media Thot with less, “aggression” if you will.

And while, one may be practicing abstinence, another is happily feeding her dick on a regular basis which is providing her the patience to properly interact with the abstinent one. Without having to put the weights of her sexual needs on his shoulders. (All examples solely for perspective purposes)

Now, when women sacrifice these aspects for one particular male, things slightly change maintenance-wise. One man becomes solely responsible for maintaining the emotional, sexual and cosmetic need of the this woman. So yes, there will be more need for attention cosmetically, emotionally and sexually. She now relies on you to give her all of these things. But she is also giving you far more admiration, attention and care than she was prior to.

You see, men seem to want to maintain these extra benefits. But run scared from the extra work it takes to maintain these perks. So then we continue to run in circles, just for it to come to an end because someone didn’t want to answer the age old question honestly because they wanted to “spare our feelings”. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So when we ask you, “what are we?” Keep your cute little ego, out of the conversation, and give a straight answer. Cause the response will only decipher whether you’re handled with care or handled by convenience.