A God stood beside me. Draped in robes of the richest purple. And a smile that could make a grown woman giggle like a school girl.

Once upon a time, a God stood beside me. He praised the very ground I walked on, and admired the fighting spirit that ignited a flame in my eyes..

He was perfection.

Until the devine in him, was altered. You see, they say “men will be men”. They fight with a vengeance in the battle field, but are children in matters of the heart…

The fight in him, was never for me. But for the many medals and honors on his robes. The physical being that is “power”. And the physical being that is “strength”. Never for love, just for self.

And at that moment I realized.. Once Upon A Time is simply a fairy tale… a myth embedded into us as children. “True Love” they say. Laughable.

The moment the God Beside me became Man. That was the moment I realized just how childish, “Once Upon a Time” really was..

But even then, the only thing that could soothe that very thought.. is the Man that once glowed beside me..

Frustration, anger, disappointment. These things alter the very images of our lovers. But we fear the confrontation. And simply walk away… Assuming the end..

When, in even the darkest image of our ‘Once Gods’… we just want to bathe the Man they’ve become… We just need the battleground to end, and the bed to warm.. We are so much more than moral support, we are so much more than peace. In order to know peace, you must soothe the war. So soothe us, and remind us. That we are not here by ourselves.


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