One thing I can say about Joey Kash, is that every time I think, “yup, that’s it!” He exceeds my expectations. Time and time again, he delivers such a tailored experience for listeners. He consciously lays the tracks out, and creates a flow. And he continues to do that with “12fifty”. I am so excited for you guys to hear this one. Everything from beat selection to story line. The experience I had listening to this, was a proud one.

“I wanted to tell a story. When we’re grieving, we try our best to go through our everyday life. And I wanted to capture that. Even when the days aren’t so easy.” 

-Joey Kash (on his goal for the project) 

There were a few personal favorites, but one in particular. And I’m sure you’ll feel it as soon as you hear it. That single track is what brought it all together for me.

As far as the flow of the album, it starts off very chill, kind of a homie vibe. (Stackin the cole to light the fire). Then mid-album is when TeekPunch starts pourin the lighter fluid. Oh my goodness, the beats. The BEATS! Teek, your whole foot was in them beats! They just brought it all together. The vibes, the transitions, the production. (Applause).

And then the finale track, they brought the heat. Struck a match, and lit that shit on fire. The entire project, was thoughtfully pieced together. Joey brought so much more, lyrically, to this project. And the beat selection was the cherry on the very top.

I tried my best not to call out certain tracks, just because I need you guys to listen to the story. The people’s favorite will come. But “12fifty” has easily become, a landmark Joey Kash album. That one that we’ll aaaall look back on and think, “yeah, his new shits fire. But it’s not 12fifty though.”

Release date: Friday, 1/20/2017

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