An oldie but goodie.

So here’s my thing in listening to Bonnie Godiva. She has bars, honest to God she has BARS. But her delivery was mad choppy. This one is in the air for me though. I really want to give it to MyVerse, especially after the 3rd round. Every time I think Bonnie has it, MyVerse fires back.

But when MyVerse said, “when she walks y’all don’t here galloping. Kentucky derby running, laps looping. Just cause you wear horse hair doesn’t make you a black beauty.” 


Biiiiiiiiisssshhhh! No she didn’t.

BUT! Godiva’s whole X-Men scheme?! She said, “that’s why she don’t wanna profess-her X. She was just on his team, bi**h why your Jeans gone. I guess that make him Cyclops. He seen fire in a bird but put another Mystique on. Cause the way she blew skin off niggas, she don’t even feel comfortable in complete form. That’s why she had to switch up characters to see Storm.”



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