First off. Triflin’ men THRIVE on speaking “hypothetically”. You could have known he was cheating, been accurate on location, time and even on the who! But for some reason, if you don’t have like “Cheaters” walking through the door with you. It’s invalid. But I digress.

Just a heads up, this is a serious male-disection. Unfiltered. So fellas, if you’re sensitive, you do not wanna read this!

Let me just start off by saying, this statement is so overused! And 95% of the dudes that say this very statement, are again, speaking hypothetically. While yes, women have these differences in opinions, and a very inconsistent reactions vs overreactions ratio. NOT INVALID, simply unpredictable. Even so, 95% of the men that USE this statement, are incomparable to it! It doesn’t apply to them!!!

30% are FOS (and I am being generous AF). 5% of the ones this applies to, are either married or in a very serious relationship. Or too busy loving an ungrateful broad, (yes, there are those and we will touch on that another time!).

The other 65% are damaged emotional wrecks, with an inexplicable level of entitlement to such regal treatment from any woman they decide to “grace their presence with”. But can’t fathom how to offer a decent “Date Experience” without their phone in their face either responding to Thottiana via a DM or engaging in a conversation with an old flame.

Let me make one thing clear. Just because you were “good” to that one girl back in High School, does NOT automatically default you into the category of a “Good Man”. This needs to be your standard in most, if not every, situation for this to be valid for you. This needs to be the norm, with “F*ckboy Exceptions”. Not a “F*ckboy” with “Good Man Exceptions”.

Now, please do not misunderstand my message. At this point in the game, once we’ve all hit a level of adulthood and started dating, everybody becomes “damaged” in one way or another. My issue though, are people approaching someone based on their reservations or even their insecurities and making promises they do not intend to prove let alone keep.

Everyone is soooo damaged, and soooo heartless. But noone wants to offer a decent experience to someone who actually earned it. To someone who was willing to give them what they needed. I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna whine to me about how you were just ‘made bad’ or ‘been through so much’ AND not bring the same effort to my table. You wouldn’t want someone walking into your house with their dirty shoes, shittin all over your carpet talkin bout, “I wasn’t shown proper home training.” You wouldn’t just say okay and let them in. You let them know, in order for them to walk into YOUR house again, you need to remove your shoes and keep your feet off my fucking table.

You are entitled to common courtesies and respect. Whether you maintain the respect, is based solely on you. And the rest, those are perks. Humble yourself.


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