So – my personal opinion. I think Gjonaj got him this battle.

Again, personal opinion, I feel like DayLyt is the Lil B of Battle Rap.  It’s like, eeeeeeveryone rocks with him, but nobody knows why! Don’t get me wrong, his word play CAN be exceptional. Now I don’t know if “trolling” is genius. But I guess, we are in an era that made Ice JJ and ATL famous. Smh. Welvin was the best thing that could have come out of the fabulous world of “Sarcastic Trolling” And now Trump is president. See what you guys did? Taking jokes way too far. But I digress…..

And it might have been the fact that DayLyt sacrificed the second half of his 2nd round. Bein funny, bein cocky, bein DayLyt, however you guys wanna rationalize it. But he lost this one.

Check it out. And if you disagree, let me KNOW. Lol


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