Okay y’all – I am going to attempt to go Vegetarian. I put the Keto twist on it because my biggest downfall in dieting isn’t so much consumption, it’s carbs…

This is going to be my way of tracking my progress. I have “tried” to diet at least, 3 times within the last 3 years and never stuck with them. But I also didn’t know about Pinterest or the amount of fabulous recipes that were accessible to me.

Last night – for the first time I made a very basic Whole Grain Tortiglioni Pasta Alfredo with Cayenne pepper for a kick. It went pretty well. Brought some with me to work for lunch today and been drinking water all day. While water may be great for you, I piss like I was pregnant all over again. Smh.

But anyway. I’ll take a “before” shot today – and then by this time next month I’ll post a Before and After shot. With a list of sure fire recipes that worked for me. My biggest issue is trying to find things I can preserve on a vegetarian diet. Meat obviously preserves longer, but the biggest “inconvenience” of being a vegetarian is the “fresh” aspect. So at least, within a months time, I’ll have some good go-to recipes to share.

I do not intend to be some kind of nutrition guru. Fuck no. This is just my way of holding myself accountable – and hopefully, tackling any reservations someone else like me has. And also, I have read that you can remain stagnant while on the Keto diet if you don’t do it right. (Fingers Crossed). So hopefully this time next month – there will be progress.

Cause honey, I am fighting myself not to get a Spicy Strip with ranch from Ezell’s right now..



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