Now you know it’s real when he says he would Jodeci cry for you! As Adrianne snaps out of his mental music video, he realizes she is givin him “that look”. And it isn’t just apparent to him, but his boys are peepin it as well. (Insert eye emoji here). She throws a little hair flip his way, and some peripheral play. (Insert another eye emoji here).You know Adrianne is feelin juiced. Of course he came moisturized, slight gold along a finger or two. Light gold chain, and a clean fitted tee. Fitted Levis and a pair of Olive Green Timbs, with wheat lining. Yaaaassss honey. He was lookin more delicious than a Jolly Rancher popsicle, on a Saturday afternoon, in Louisiana in the middle of July.

So with this new found gas, you know he went ahead and made some conversation….


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