Once upon a summers eve, there was a young man by the name of Adrianne. He was the quiet type. Very secure in who he was, but random interactions weren’t really a ‘thing’ for him. It simply wasn’t a priority. But even with that being the case, Adrianne had those 2 best friends he knew since high school. And those two were called Jason & Will. They were the compleeeeeeeeeete opposite of him. Turn Up Kings! And this was the weekend, they were getting Adrianne, out of the house!

It’s been a while since Adrianne entertained some company. So it was only fitting that his two ACES save him. (Evil grins). “To the Mansion my G!” All suited and booted, they were off! Naturally, Jason drove. He was the car fanatic of the bunch, and that is not said lightly. He has a car for every season, but once summer hits. Its a new glow, and this year he had that holographic rainbow affect all over his ’89 Chevy Convertible. Sittin on white wall tires, bumpin “Bad & Boujee” on the highway. They pulled up to the phattest house along the BLVD.

Eager to get the party started, they walk into the massive, marble living hall. Greeted by the aroma of southern fried chicken and steak on the grill! #GameTime As the 3 socialized, Adrianne’s eyes crossed a very familiar face… We call her Caroline.. and my had she grown up…


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