So – I used to be a huge Battle Rap fan back when Loaded Lux was in his prime and Cassidy was actually still battling pretty heavy. Back when they were still doing battles on street corners and basements.

Now I fell off for some years until, of course, one of my ex-boyfriends put me back on. Now, I am a huge Charlie Clips fan! And his battle with Loaded Lux will go down in history for me as a fucking CLASSIC! But this battle, this was when I fell in love all over again. The concept is clever as fuck, and to have to feed off of each other like that is amazing to watch.


(Side note: I never know where the capital letters REALLY go when I type their names, but its always posted in all caps. I figured it was cause they’re madd aggressive – so I’m gonna leave it that way. But if anyone knows, please don’t hesitate to enlighten me.)


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