They want to remind us what we had. They want us to know that we’re missing out on their very existence.

And while their existence is a blessing, why couldn’t you bare mine?

You see, everyone has someone they gave it all to. But when your mental is in comparison, to the attributes of the very person they constantly compare us on. Was I ever enough?

So when I walk away, tears in my eyes cause I can’t handle your comparisons.  I will always be the one that “left”. But the very thing that I was missing, wasn’t the way you held me at night. Nor was it the way kissed my forehead good bye. The thing I was missing was a fare try…

You see. In our eyes, we give the people we like.. so much of us. In our eyes, our efforts are enough. We tried, so we care. And the moment we give more than a simple effort, they owe us the world. And we are by far the best thing that has ever happened to them? Please.

Be there when I need you and not just when I want you. Keep the very plans that we’ve made. And stop saying ‘you’re welcome’ in response to the systematic thank yous for the favors that i ask you, that you never follow through on..

Yes, I gave him more than I gave anyone. And yes, I was damn good to him. But him not understanding the good thing he had, is not my weight to bare. My heart was in the best place, but his heart was in another head space.. he didn’t know, but I could read it all over his face.. And that’s okay. He simply wasn’t mine to bless. And my abilities to be a good woman, weren’t for him to appreciate.

You see, your worth is not measured by someone’s inability to accept it.. So to have to announce all these things you did right by me, is it really me you’re trying to remind? Or are you attempting to disregard, the lack of regard you really had in the space I built for us to create “us” IN.

If you tell your company to get their feet off the couch, and they keep doing it. What the fuck would YOU do?

Our imperfections are clear as day, until we miss the things that made us valuable.


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