I was linking up with a friend of mine, fellow Scorpio. For some pre-birthday fun! He was playing this fire ass song in his car, so of COURSE I whipped out my Shazam cause you know how niggas do. Everybody wanna be the music plug, but don’t nobody wanna plug you. (Insert smirk emoji here).

“Swirvin on the corner like skiiirrr, she say can I touch you I’m like suuuurree. And I got on Gucci like buuuurr, shawty you gon have to shave the fuuurr.” Hahhhaaa, it was soooooo smooth! I just had to have it! And sure enough, Kap G – “Girlfriend”.

Now he proceeded to tell me that this was the dude on the movie DOPE. The one who told the main character he had to identify the authentic bag amongst the 2. I did NOT, expect that!

So of course, for weeks. “I been takin flicks wicho girlfriend”. I downloaded the album from Apple Music, and the cover had me WEAK! The project is called, “El Southside”. And he had on, this full rodeo outfit. With a squad of real niggas in the background. I was sold! Lmao!

As I continued to listen to “El Southside” – I crossed “Power” ft. YFN Lucci. Bruh! “Aye tell me what’s a pit to a poodle. Tell me who your bitch tell her do it. Hit her once than I tell her toodles. Young nigga made it from the sewers, and I came a long way from eating noodles.”  Uuuugghhh! And that wasn’t even the best part of that track!

And then there’s “El Chapo” – bruh. Just know, it’s some heat. Now that I am hip, next time he comes to Seattle on tour, I’ll be ready! Front row and center!

Get Hip. #KapG



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