It’s sad when I have to question a rape accusation. It’s sad when I have to think twice about my fellow woman’s intentions.

2016 is a product of Social Media babies. Where words no longer hold value, but are simply these keyed sentences that no one seems to be bound by. Where an entire relationship came to life and died via text message. And your conscious was solely based on the convictions of your Facebook friends and how many co-signed retweets you got.

It’s sad. The day I had to question a rape accusation.

In a day and age where people are more pissed off that you do not believe the fabricated lies they tell. That their response is solely based on a hypothetical thought process.

Where Joseph will attack Lisa’s insecurities, because she accused him of cheating at the Red Roof Inn. But he was in fact cheating on her at the Days Inn, so in his world it makes the accusation void. And her “insecurities are going to be the death of her”. And then proceeds to feed her ‘fun facts’ about the ‘good times’.

Or when Daisy claims to be pregnant but really isn’t. But Tom doesn’t entertain the accusations. So, because he hasn’t fallen into her trap, she attacks his character. Claims there was a miscarriage due to the “stress” so that the story comes together…

And the worst part, is that these are “Public” posts. Glass windows throughout their home. Seeking validation in the furniture they furnish their home with, but unable to handle the criticism about their dirty living room. The “Image of Perfection”. But no matter what… there will always be a spot you didn’t get. A comment you didn’t mean. A heart you couldn’t save. And damage, you can’t take back…

The day I had to question a rape accusation. It was like a pebble tossed at my glass window of an optimistic reality.. Shit just isn’t what it seems… Everything isn’t going to always go your way, but it will always work out. Sometimes you have to learn to love someone, versus “love at first sight”. Sometimes, the ones closest to you can have the worst intentions out of pain or jealousy. And sometimes, the victim isn’t the victim… But then again, who’s to say who is the victim?

#2016 #LeaveThatShitThere #NewAgeModifications #TheModernOldSchool



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