Music has a way of moving you at certain points in your life. Certain moods at night, and can bring you smiles on the rainiest of days. You only receive the message, when it’s timed with your life. 
Once upon a time, I thought I found someone who would be my lover and my friend… we played games. We recited movies. We even stayed up late cooking dinner. It was everything I could’ve wanted, and everything I didn’t ask for. 

But like many good things… they come to an end. Things get lost in translation, and fear of pain get lost in unspoken words. And it hurts. My God it hurts. The very thing I thought would last. Not forever, but for a long while. Just slipped… because some people choose familiarity over something flourishing. They confuse jealousy for love. And pain… for an ending. 

I had what I thought was my dream job. But, the relationship had ended. I couldn’t focus to save my life. But I’m supppsed to be strong right? Move on. Right? 

And then this song found me. I couldn’t tell you how. But this song, sang every thing I was feeling. All the pain I couldn’t put into words. And the love I still had even after the wound was carved into me… and I cried. I cried for weeks. And it felt amazing. 

When people say music is therapeutic, when people want to relate to these songs. I understand. There’s no better feeling, than knowing you’re not the only one. You’re not crazy. 

So for a moment. This is my ode to Labrinth. This song is called “Jealous”. I hope you like it. 

Jealous by Labrinth 


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