Will Spitwell – “Hype Yaself” ft Chris Prythm & Speek Eazy (Prod. By Chris Prythm) 

(Click Song title to listen)

Yesterday was definitely an “Adulting is Scam” kind of day. So late last night, I was moved to get completely in my “Zone”. So I threw on some music and began to revamp my blog. Now, as I’m going through my emails, I crossed a track that was sent to me earlier that day. 

The very moment I heard this song. This old-school, Sunday cleaning at moms house, make you wanna throw on a full Adidas track suit track! I could literally feel it in my body. It was so full of life, and full of drive. Reminding me, this shit isn’t going to always go as planned. But if you love what you do bad enough, it’ll damn sure keep you on track! 

And the quality of the track it’s self! I know some of us have to work FT jobs to maintain bills while even still, our heart is in our art! But I can’t stress enough about dropping a quality sound. You don’t think we know when it sounds like it was done in the homies basement, but we do! But this track was sooooo crispy! Sound quality was clean, the cadence was on key and the delivery was just impeccable. 

Now, this is the first time I’ve listened to this young man. So I decided to tune in to a couple of his tracks on YouTube. This dude. (Insert applaud emoji here). 

I heard “Work”! Biiiiiiiiiitttcchhh! Made me wanna pop it one time for the one time. But I digress.

This young man, is versatile and his team is consistent. I have yet to hear a track I didn’t like. A beat I didn’t like. Maybe I’m speaking too soon. But I’m watching out for more music from you! 

Bonita Likes!

Credits include: Ill-iteracy, Chris Prythm, Will Spitwell, Speek Eazy, Young Observe, Kimbro, Lloyd Banks, Raekwon, A-Wax, Gonzoe, Fred the Godson, Teedra Moses, Glasses Malone, and growing. (licensing credits also include Viacom & ESPN)

Track Compliments to www.ill-it.com


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