Song of the Day – “That’s What I Like” Bruno Mars

Start your Saturday off right, for the ones that slept on the “24K Magic” Album.

I present to you, the SOTD

“That’s What I Like” – Bruno Mars


Review ALERT! Devvon Terrell

So, the last couple days I have been faithfully listening to Devvon Terrell projects.

“Medly”, “Weird, Sexy, Cool” and “The Renaissance”. Along with miscellaneous singles he has released via YouTube & Apple Music.

Let me just start off by saying, this young man is SO talented. SO talented! He is so adaptable to the beat he is on, not only content wise, but cadence-wise. He sings, he SPITS, and his timing on a beat is exceptional. Now, I take personal pride in my fandom, lol. The last time I have been this excited about somebody’s music, was when the Kevin Gates “Luca Brasi 2” Mixtape dropped. On repeat, everyday for MONTHS!

I could literally listen to Devvon Terrell, all day. And what’s so amazing, is that each project I have heard. I can listen to from front to back. It’s hard to listen to “Medley” after hearing “Weird, Sexy, Cool”, just because the entire project is his own. So in comparison I feel as though I backtracked. But by far, “WSC” is his best project. Hands down!

Have-To Tracks: “Weird Sexy Cool” Album

Track 1: “Doing Tonight” // Track 3: “Fire and Rain” // Track 8: “I Know” // Track 9: “Ride and Boogie” // And don’t worry! I have a whole week of Devvon Terrell planned beginning New Years day.  With a story line attached to it.

Mind you, I first got hip to him via YouTube of course. Him & Futuristic blew my fucking mind! And I do not say that lightly! I am a huge fan of their cadence. I appreciate a singing rapper, like the Fetty Waps and Tory Lanez – but to actually demolish! Not only the bars, but the vocals! (Applause) There are moments, his vocals remind me of Usher. But like, what Usher was trying to sound like. (And this is in reference to Usher’s most recent sound). And there are even times, that his literal “sound” per say, isn’t so original. At brief ear shot, not knowing what he can do! Yes, you could easily confuse him for Usher or Chris Brown. That pop/r&b shit. But once you listen, you’ll know! This is neither one of them. This man is so talented! So talented! And I couldn’t tell you why he hasn’t blown up by now, because even with all that being said. He is the only Devvon Terrell. He stands out. But he stands out like, Waldo. You know he’s there, he’s the only on OF him. Unique, consistent, but somehow always lost in the crowd. 

But the only way I could get you to understand what a fan I am of this young man, you are just going to have to listen. Stay tuned this week, for the Modern Fairytale spoken through various DT songs I thought you guys would enjoy! 

‘But I Was Good To You’

They want to remind us what we had. They want us to know that we’re missing out on their very existence.

And while their existence is a blessing, why couldn’t you bare mine?

You see, everyone has someone they gave it all to. But when your mental is in comparison, to the attributes of the very person they constantly compare us on. Was I ever enough?

So when I walk away, tears in my eyes cause I can’t handle your comparisons.  I will always be the one that “left”. But the very thing that I was missing, wasn’t the way you held me at night. Nor was it the way kissed my forehead good bye. The thing I was missing was a fare try…

You see. In our eyes, we give the people we like.. so much of us. In our eyes, our efforts are enough. We tried, so we care. And the moment we give more than a simple effort, they owe us the world. And we are by far the best thing that has ever happened to them? Please.

Be there when I need you and not just when I want you. Keep the very plans that we’ve made. And stop saying ‘you’re welcome’ in response to the systematic thank yous for the favors that i ask you, that you never follow through on..

Yes, I gave him more than I gave anyone. And yes, I was damn good to him. But him not understanding the good thing he had, is not my weight to bare. My heart was in the best place, but his heart was in another head space.. he didn’t know, but I could read it all over his face.. And that’s okay. He simply wasn’t mine to bless. And my abilities to be a good woman, weren’t for him to appreciate.

You see, your worth is not measured by someone’s inability to accept it.. So to have to announce all these things you did right by me, is it really me you’re trying to remind? Or are you attempting to disregard, the lack of regard you really had in the space I built for us to create “us” IN.

If you tell your company to get their feet off the couch, and they keep doing it. What the fuck would YOU do?

Our imperfections are clear as day, until we miss the things that made us valuable.

Song of the Day – Futuristic ft. Devvon Terrell “I Want It All” (Remix)

So, I was watching that “Nerd Freestyle” on Youtube with Futuristic.

I remember seeing it a while back, but one of my friends told me he made way more cuts. And come to find out! Futuristic & Devvon Terrell are apparently really tight musically. I was first introduced to Devvon Terrell when I saw his “Work” Remix. Uuuuugghhh! LOVE HIM!!! So my friend continued to tell me, they actually had a song together!!

(Dramatic Faint)

SOTD // “I Want It All” Futuristic X Devvon Terrell

“Art is taking something, and making it better.”

As a friend of mine and I were going over the books in his collection. He was moved to tell me, “everyone ‘steals’ something from somebody. That is what art is. It is only wrong when you take it and fuck it up.”

Art is literally inspiration. We create things, to move our listeners, or our viewers, or our fans. I may not have been doing this for a long time. But I have been talkin shit for a loooooong time. And to get messages, telling me “I love how you get me!” Or “you inspired me to be comfortable in my skin!” And my favorite, “you remind me that even in this era that we are in, there are genuine people left.” Yes, I have a very unfiltered way of going about things, but the point is to move people. Remind them that they aren’t alone! That’s what we all want right? Someone that, gets us.

Art can be the make-up you apply every morning. It can be the music you create, or the shoes you customize. Your art is your expression.

Let us not completely disregard “theft”. Yes, there is a line between theft and inspiration. It’s a thin line, but there’s a line nonetheless. If someone is moved enough to share their ideas with you, it doesn’t mean they were telling you to run out and do them. But then again, where’s the expiration date on how long to wait until the listener decides to move in on the idea. Right? I mean, because let’s be real. A lot of ideas are usually just conversation. Just brainstorms that sit in the think tank for years if not forever. Should there be a designated amount of time to wait before someone else runs with an idea?

And even if they do thrive, that’s the beautiful thing about art. Everyone can be doing the same exact thing, but do it in entirely different ways! 3 artists can have identical content, but 3 completely different forms of delivery. One has exceptional stage presence, number 2 has strong fan interaction, and number 3 chops on beats! Again, content all the same, even beat selection! But they all bring their own attributes to the artist they ARE.

You know what, I am going to compile a handbook of artist ethics. A 2017 Edition, and leave it for community contributions. But the moral of this story, art is up for inspiration. It is here for us to re-vamp and make our own. And at the end of the day, your conscience will guide you through the process. Not on no Jiminy Cricket shit, but it will. Sometimes it needs to be a conversation, and sometimes it doesn’t. Be conscious of the company you’re keeping and the people you speak your ideas around.