Seattle’s summer is starting off with a vengeance. #Summer2016 #SleeplessInSeattle

We  have heat, we have melanin magnificence, and good vibes on the streets of Capital Hill.

Every Sunday, FLVR Seattle hosts a Rooftop Day Party at the top of 95 Slide


It starts at 3pm, and goes until about 9 if not later. Something about a beautiful day, an intimate function and strong drinks that keeps the town goin! (The short white chick with the short, almost pixy-cut, hair. She makes the BEST drinks)

I attended this past Sunday, last Sunday of July. And maaaan, when I tell you it was lit! There was so much out-of-state love, and cuts on deck for days! But @RichIzFlyer has great taste in DJs – that dude, could make a speech using ONLY a large variety of song lyrics if he wanted to. So as far as music, I was not worried in the slightest.@SPAC3MAN was our host of the day, he always keeps the vibe very active! Aaaaaaaalways! Lol

Hopefully, the high demand for the FLVR turn up – doesn’t cloud the quality with opportunity. But they have consistently thrown tasteful, intimate functions. Drama-Free, and the music selection is consistently A1. You know when they say, “get you a mans that can do both”? Yeah, their DJ’s can do top 40, 90s babies, West Coast Function, the list goes on. I am very confident, even in their ability to hold high-class events, they will consistently have something for the people to just come vibe at.

I will definitely be attending again! Now, if you want to stay up-to-date on The FLVR events, follow their Like Page, click the Facebook image below. And if you want to visit their website, click the ‘FLVR’ image back at the top.




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