I knew this dude was fire when I first heard him like, 3 years ago, on a Kris Kasanova track!

it was called “Shut Em Down” by Kris Kasanova ft. Jarv Dee and Skeme // Click to Listen

After that – I started catching tracks as they circulated through my newsfeed – social media, etc. Now, about a year ago, a young man I was talkin to at the time was a big fan and avid listener to Skeme. He was playin “Ingleworld 2” and as we vibed out, there was one track in particular that stuck with me. “1 Time 4 Pimp”.

Some of you may understand why, but some of you just might not. But there was a Pimp C snippet half way through the song, “I don’t give a fuck about hip-hop cause I ain’t made none of that shit. You niggas been sayin’ we wasn’t real hip-hop from the beginning of time. They say we wasn’t real hip-hop cause we don’t have no backpack. When mothafuckas tell you something for so long lets you know they don’t want you”.

Hands down, the whole track was fire – and you can listen to it by clicking HERE // It’ll redirect you to YouTube.

This man – continues to drop bars. This West Coast rapper has a very distinct, almost animalistic rasp to his voice, that drops bar for bar on nearly every track I personally have heard thus far.



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