I am not saying that this clone theory is hella far fetched.

But let me explain something to you. Gucci Mane was in prison for what? 7 years? No social media, no fans. Primarily his woman in his ear and the people that genuinely cared about him. Not only was he in a space that allowed him time to himself. But in a space he couldn’t be overwhelmed by opinions, assumptions, negative scrutiny. Not directly at least.

Might have even been preached to, about the kind of “juice” he really had – and finding a better way of utilizing it.

What if YOU were in confinement. Probably after the first what, week? Completely disregarding that shit they call food, without shit to do but work out and watch TV in your spare time. I don’t doubt he had a phone in there, cause shit, he is still Gucci LaFlare. But do you really think Gucci Mane could really get away with utilizing social media, and that not leaking? Not once did he post a “cell-fie” like a lot of these dummies. I doubt highly, that just anyone had access to any phone this dude may, or may not, have had in prison. For all we know, he could’ve had a mothafuckin TRAP phone, T9 on the keys ass, still using your thumb ass phone! 

But let’s bring this even closer to home! How many niggas do you know, or have witnessed, go to prison fat, without so much as nickel bag dreams and no “religious beliefs”. But not even a whole 7 years, maybe 2, later they’re either buff as fuck or crazy thin, and a born again Muslim?! 

But Gucci’s a clone? Cause he came out with not only everything he had prior to going in. But MORE! Looking phenomenal, utilizing the power of “annunciation”? And before you hit me with that tattoo shit, I feel like people are very ignorant to the fact that he was fat, (in comparison), when he got his tattoos… The nigga is like half of who he was, his tattoos have completely decreased in size! Some of them probably don’t even look the same! BRUH! His woman don’t even look the same!! Come on!

While all these clone theories are not far-fetched. I truly don’t think he is an example.


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