The Sue Custom LOVES Cardi B


Gangsta Bitch Music – Volume 1

This chick – I fucks with this! Besides the fact that the cover is lit, I just had to take a listen. Especially since all i hear is people yelling, “Ran down on that bitch twice” hahhaaa. Had to take a listen.

The LHH diva has always been my type of bitch via her Instagram. I love that shes saucy as ever, but still has that “real nigga” about her.  #LIFE

Category: “These bitches got me fucked up, but let me go ahead and get in my zone.”

Sub-Category: “These niggas ain’t good for nothin but some bills and a meal.”

#BonitaApproves #SpoiledGirlsClub #CardiBeenBadd #TheresLevelsToThisShit