You know, I truly have my personal quarrels about how I feel about Nicki. Yeah, her booty isn’t hers, yeah she may have gotten some work done. Not to say any woman given the money and opportunity, wouldn’t do something similar.

But I truly admire, her engagement with her fans, her self respected demeanor that I see took time.
Now, when I think of YMCMB, I think of Moor Gang for the simple fact (not to drift too far) that, there’s a time and place to deliver a certain product or style. Wayne was first of course, (Nacho Picasso), then Drake (Jarv Dee), then Nicki (Gifted Gab). I only bring this up as an analogy. An example close to home.

Nicki, started off as fem FAB, hella eccentric, dual personalities, ALWAYS something to look forward to in every video. And like any fabulous personality, there’s that moment you’ve done just about EVERYTHING, and go subtle in not only style, but personality. You know? Consistently delivering quality, that never stops, but now it’s quality over quantity. When before, it was quantity over quality. To build the brand of course.


I’ve always been a bigger fan of her pop, and singing than of her rap. She’s definitely gotten better, and i believe that was intentional. Once the following was established, was when she was able to finally just do her. You know? She’s far from a Lil Kim, I was confused about that comparison from jump. Nicki, is definitely not a Jocelyn or even a Mimi. She reminds me of that, crazy best friend of Jeffrey Star, or even a  BFF of Michelle Obama. Only because Mrs. Obama seems like that fab wife, who holds the fort down while still with the shit. You’d just never know it. Lol.
You have to see the bigger picture… and I think Nicki is just one fabulous masterpiece with hella glitter and just a couple simple, but elegant pastels. And pasties apparently. 😘😘😘



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