To see if the people know, who Ryan Lewis is. This is pretty hilarious, fucked up, but hilarious.

Ryan Lewis Proves That No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is


Ryan Lewis — that’s Macklemore‘s accountant, right?

The duo has had a successful year in music (like winning four Grammys), but while Macklemore is synonymous with hip hop and thrift shops, sidekick Ryan Lewis hasn’t managed to gain the same fame.

(More at Mashable.com)

Jimmy Fallon decided to prove that Ryan Lewis is underrated by sending him into the street, sans disguise, to ask fans what Ryan Lewis does. Turns out, everyone is clueless.

Even Macklemore. Ouch.”

Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis: http://youtu.be/p66rxHQK0qc


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