That sexy beast DIRTAY has this song out…

YO! Why am I late???

This track GOES! I advise you guys to listen and share.. Also, for the people who went to the TPain show, yeah he was the big buff white guy who was strippin and the guy who the jaillbate chick was tryna grind on. Lol Yeah, and then the big buff guy who was on stage with him got naked too! Oh, it was glorious. Lmao! Apparently they do house events too. 😉

I digress! Listen and you will enjoy! I can’t say I’ve heard a trap style rapper out of the town and I was pretty fuckin stoked about it! So enjoy! 🙂

(You have to click the “Dirtay!” Link at the beginning of the post to be fwd to the bandcamp! (BTW)


-K. Sue


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