These two are literally beasts. When I use the word beasts, I mean like Meek Mill delivery beasty. They deliver each bar like animals! It’s like you can hear them growl while they spit. And I’m saying this as I’m bumpin “Underground Monster.”
The straight kickback feel of this album is why I love it. I could hear this in the hood, ridin around in the Regal, with my people with me, gettin ready to hit this house function. Its that pre-funk music.
This album is everything I need it to be. Some flavy young Kings making music and talkin shit. And that can either be what keeps them at a stand still, or what makes them universal. This might even be a one time collab with Diffy and JuJu Twist. Just to show how hard they can go as a unit. Only time will tell!

But either way, this will stay in rotation. They bring crazy energy, makes you wanna smoke a hella ass blunt and flex on someone. Lol.

Sue References/Recommendations; “Rockstar” feat. Chief’n Jones, “Underground Monster,” “Fuck Flow” feat. Sean Prince x J Byrd, “Welcome to the Nightmare” feat. Sir Stylez Tre

So kick back, grab a brew, roll a plump joint, and hit play.

You’re hella welcome.
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