Let me just start of by saying, this guy revived my love for Hip Hop. No bullshit. The first time I saw this dude, was at Jarv Dee’s “DOPAMINE” Release Party a while back. He was a special guest, featured on “Picture Me Rollin” and the “Fucked Up” Remix I believe. Ever since then, I been followin’ this cat, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten hip to him when I did. Ever since then, I’ve seen him on the Backroom on 106th and Park, watched his performance on Youtube a while back in NY performing his verse to “Shut Em Down” live. I’ve watched a few of his performances, but the reason I remember that one specifically is because I was DEVASTATED he wasn’t in Seattle performing it! I had that track on repeat for weeks, if not months. That track was definitely what Sue considers a “Triple Motha Fuckin Threat” due to the New York native Kris Kasanova, Seattle’s own Jarv Dee and Cali’s Skeme. The song had me wantin to throw on my hard face, get buck on some random and crack me a beeeitch. Enough about my fanatics though. Lol.

The reason I’ve continuously gravitated towards Kris Kasanova’s music is his consistent creativity. He doesn’t make the basic Rap track featuring a singer. His choice of vocal features, is what solidified my love for his sound. His not quite chopper style, but as if every bar came naturally. Like he breathes this shit, and in that sense I consider him the Whitney Houston of Hip Hop. Vocally you’d think he was J. Cole at first listen, I’m sure I’m not the first who’s said that. Lol. But between his lyricism and delivery, Kris Kasanova will continuously keep the game on their toes. This album definitely reflects his crisp, starched and creased delivery. If I HAD to pick 3 MUST LISTEN tracks, I would pick “Fuck Y’all Livin,” “Pyro,” and “Tomorrow.” But ones that I know will be on my “Get Up, Get Out and Get Somethin” Playlist, “Shut Em Down,” “Kasanova,” and “Gold Chains & Pagers” just off the simple fact its got a snippet from “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” hahhaaa! Quite clever.

Don’t sleep on the Kasanova, “They ain’t seen it this ill since Big Daddy Kane, black tee gold chain I’m just livin in vein. Oh that’s yo bitch on my dick, well they all look the same. Stay in yo lane…” – #Moshpit


Listen or Download “24K”


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