Chicago Native, Feezable the Germ has done it once again!

Immediate Sue Faves on this album is “Venting” and “Humm Humm” off top! I’m not gon lie, I started poppin it to “Humm Humm” doe! Hahhaaa! Shit I’m still bumpin as we speak. Production of this album by Jay Battle, a beat fucking genius if you ask me.

This album has so much variety, but not even in a jumble of mess kind of way. In a way that was planned and delivered in such an immaculate way. Hold on… “Reachin” oh my goodness, like I said I’m listening to the album as I’m typing this review. This shit GOES! Don’t sleep on this dude man. Feezable the Germ is in my top 3 for Sue Code Freshman! I advise you guys to get with the movement.

The production and flow of this album has continuously given me goosebumps, just cause I have crossed nothing but dope tracks thru out this whole album! I came around when his previous project, “Along Came A Germ” was getting released. Between “Nostalgia” and “Whattup Bruv” I was already sure I was going to enjoy this cats delivery. It was only gon’ get better.

just to name a couple tapes, “Garlin Green,” “Dark Avenger,” “Super Villain Theme Music,” you can see he’s something like a lyrical savior. Lol

The link to his current album, “The Successor of Victor Von Doom,” and his many other tracks and albums. You’re welcome. http://feezablethegerm.bandcamp.com/

(Side note: if you’re looking for that sexy jam to add to that cutting’ playlist.. “Things To Do In LA” you’re welcome.)


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