Another artist in Sue’s Freshman list is Joey mothafuckin Kash.

Shit talkin ass Seattle native! If you’re familiar with Mr Kash, you’re familiar with single, “How Fly.” Which was produced by Rob Skeetz, and the following video to the same track produced by Edward Perryman.

Thru out this album, he’s featured production by Rob Skeetz, Mastermind, T-Kewl and a couple others. I definitely fuck with the content, he definitely has that, “i’m the shit, bitch stay in your place” type vibe. Swag accommodating tracks that I think the fly would appreciate! One thing that I admire about this artist is he puts in WORK! He’s not afraid to get what needs to be done, done in order to get to the next step. Definitely someone worth working with.

I enjoyed the flow, and beat selection of this album. I could see him being more powerful and I’m sure he sees the same. He’s constantly working on his craft and it can ONLY get better. This dude has the drive and vision to be the next thing poppin in the town. Maybe not immediately, but I promise you when his time comes, it’s gonna be a mothafuckin movement! So stay tuned, cause I would HATE for you guys to miss out!



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