Swisher Sleep, Central Seattle native and true blue performer. Best known for his collabs with E-40, Mac Wayne & “Bloody Pimpin” ft Crooked I. Swisher Sleep has been in the game for as long as the games been. He creates immaculate visuals, strong and song relevant performances; that included extras on the stage. Almost as if he was performing a video on stage. Very ambitious artist, with crazy talent. He did everything money could buy. But money can’t always buy the people. Fans everywhere but back home knew who the Sleep was. He didn’t get to know the people, his fans, and there was no way to follow him and his progress. Since Summer 2012, Swisher Sleep is back in action!!! Turned down the business, and turned up the vision! Just in 2013, he has delivered us 3 great videos off of this most recent album, Swisher Gutz. “Marijuana & Conversation,””Check The Lil Nigga” (a PERSONAL FUCKING FAVORITE that he does nothing short of murder to the imposters) & the video he just dropped today, “Open Mic Saturdays”

SueCode is definitely #TeamSleep
He is truly an artist, a visual genius and a lyrical Hulk (and not just cause he got all that green on neither). Don’t miss the movement. Cause he’s already made it.

Follow him on Twitter & IG @SwisherSleep206
And go Like him on Facebook, “Swisher Sleep”

Moral of the Story: STAY TUNED!!!!


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