The Crooked I & Joe Budden show was “rescheduled,” again, in Seattle due to lack of ticket sales.. BEFORE the show. -_________- or so that’s what the they’re telling us. They were supposed to perform late last year, that was the first show. The reschedule was for tonight at El Corazon but they’re calling it “post-poned.” A couple resources, consisting of both fans and sponsors, have been telling me they have not seen their money back yet. Phone calls are being ignored, and call backs stalled.

But the “rescheduling” of the show scheduled for tonight was no surprise, especially after such half ass promotion, light communication with artists and sponsors involved. Especially when it came to where their money just up and disappeared to when it was time to give it back. And tell me how, a dude like Joe Budden blocks you on twitter… something bigger than ticket sales went down. And who in the town reschedules?! When Too $hort pulled that shit in Seattle, he wasn’t “rescheduled.” As well as a couple others, they did not get post-poned, and if they did it was at leeeeeast about a year later.

But either way, everything about how business was handled is exceptionally sketchy to me. And THEN, they’re telling people to “hold on to their tickets,” the new show dates will be available soon. Now WHY would we even want to go to, yet another, reschedule. The person in charge of that event is tainting Joe Budden & Crooked I’s credibility in Seattle. Along with everyone else associated with the event. Even though Crooked I shows madd love when he comes out here, and he comes pretty often.

Moral of this story, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Don’t be a fool! There’s much more to this story than meets the eye, as usual in the music game. I just hope such tomfoolery or maybe even diva behavior, who knows, won’t fuck up my opportunity to see Joe Budden & Crooked I perform in Seattle.

Wellp guys, its been hella real! If I hear anything else, I will surely get back to you.

Kisses & Panda Squares,

– K. Sue


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